Tactical SAP Gloves


Police Force’s SAP Gloves: Genuine goatskin with embedded steel shot. Discreet design for defense and cycling. Premium quality, lifetime warranty.

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Discover the next evolution in personal protection. The Tactical Enhanced Protection SAP Gloves by Police Force Tactical seamlessly combine genuine goatskin leather craftsmanship with the hidden strength of 8 oz. of steel shot. Their design is not only discreet, resembling standard gloves, but also boasts a power that potential assailants won’t see coming. Cyclists can also benefit from these gloves, offering protection against road burns in the event of a fall.

SAP gloves are specifically tailored for close combat situations. The steel shot not only amplifies your punching force but also ensures that the impact is spread out, safeguarding your hands in the process.

While items like brass knuckles might be restricted in certain places, SAP gloves typically aren’t, due to their non-lethal nature. They serve as an excellent and legal alternative.


  • Steel Shot Reinforcement: Each glove is embedded with 8 oz. of steel shot around the knuckle area, optimizing punching efficiency and shielding your knuckles.
  • Authentic Goatskin Leather: Featuring double-layered genuine goatskin leather on the palms to ensure lasting durability.
  • Comfortable Fit: Incorporated breathable spandex guarantees comfort and provides a snug fit.
  • Extra Padding: Extra padding around the fingers offers enhanced protection.
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap: Equipped with a wrist loop closure, ensuring the gloves remain securely in place.
  • Stealthy Design: Crafted to resemble regular gloves, keeping your defensive advantage unnoticed.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Produced with utmost quality by Police Force Tactical, these SAP gloves come with a lifetime assurance.


  • Pair of Tactical Enhanced Protection SAP Gloves (Left & Right)

Size Information: The measurements suggest that these gloves run slightly smaller than standard sizes. Ideally suited for the average male hand size.

Always ensure you’re using products responsibly and within the boundaries of the law.

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