The Walther Special Operations PPQ Airsoft Pistol comes with a metal barrel and parts, complemented by an integrated accessory rail for tactical enhancements.

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Experience the epitome of tactical functionality with the Walther PPQ Spring Airsoft – DEB. This distinctive piece from the Walther Special Operations series is engineered to perform. Here’s the breadth of what it offers:

  • Metal Barrel and Parts: Ensuring lasting durability and an authentic feel, the metal barrel and parts echo the robustness synonymous with the Walther brand.
  • Integrated Accessory Rail: Your gateway to tactical versatility, the integrated accessory rail is perfect for attaching your choice of accessories and tailoring your pistol to every scenario.
  • Spring-Loaded Performance: The single-action, spring-loaded mechanism ensures reliable and consistent performance, making every shot count.
  • Swift Velocity: With the ability to propel BBs at a velocity of up to 300 feet per second, you’re well-equipped for rapid engagements.
  • Ample Ammunition: Stay in the action with two 15-shot magazines, complemented by built-in 85-round reservoirs, ensuring a continuous rain of BBs on the field.
  • 400 6mm Plastic Blue BBs: To kickstart your airsoft adventures, the Walther PPQ Spring Airsoft – DEB comes with 400 6mm plastic blue BBs, letting the action commence the moment you unbox.

The Walther PPQ Spring Airsoft – DEB isn’t just a pistol, it’s your tactical advantage on the airsoft battlefield. Designed for both the seasoned and budding airsoft enthusiast, this pistol is a testament to Walther’s legacy of superior craftsmanship and performance.

Additional information

Weight 1.115 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 × 9.5 in


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